At Beyond Health Medical Group, we pride ourselves on having developed a medical practice that genuinely considers our patients' time and money. With low-cost telehealth visits and around-the-clock availability, our prices are cheaper than most co-pays. 

One-time Establishment Fee (price includes your first initial visit) ---- $100.00

Virtual Visit* (15 Minute - Telehealth) ------- $50.00/per visit (price subject to change depending on length of time and complexity of patient needs)

In-Office Visit (Appt. Only) ------ $75.00/per visit

House-Calls (Appt. Only) --------$100.00/per visit

Sports/Employment Physical---$75.00/per visit

Concierge Care----------------$499/per month

*Controlled substances cannot be refilled through telehealth per Florida Law. In-person visits must be made to assess the need for the medication according to the patient's physical and mental condition, which cannot be properly assessed via telehealth services.