Frequently Asked Questions:

When will your clinic be accepting new patients?

  • Our clinic will begin to perform in-home Botox injections, as well as accept request for cosmetic parties and events (i.e. Botox Parties) in February of 2022. Patients for our other specialties will also begin first quarter of 2021.

What types of patients do you see?

  • Our providers are board certified to see patients of all ages across the lifespan.

Do you have an office or can you come to me?

  • Our providers initially will provide house-calls and see patients in the comfort of their own homes, or through telehealth services (depending on the reason for the consultation). We will be opening a modern health clinic and medical spa in 2022.

What insurance do you take?

  • We are currently working to accept insurance from several major providers. More information coming soon.

How much is a general visit if I do not have insurance?

  • We can provide cost-effective sick visits, or wellness checks in office, at your home, or via telehealth. Prices begin at 50 dollars and vary by the type of visit and complexity of patient needs. The initial first visit is 100 dollars; which includes the account setup, paperless prescription setup to the pharmacy of your choosing, and access to the patient-provider messaging system.

How much do you charge for Botox?

  • Botox visits are generally not covered by insurance. When you meet with one of our providers, they will provide an estimate depending on the product that is used. We carry Botox and Jeuveau, prices range from $10-$12/ unit.

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